About The Modest Proposal Blog

The Modest Proposal is an inactive blog started in late October 2012 about civics, public policy and politics.  This blog is the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of political junkyism, part civic engagement, part sport, a tool for education and debate, and a place to discuss hopes and disappointments as it pertains to current events and the comedies and tragedies that are the lives of our leaders and citizens.

I recommend starting with the articles in the Framework Series.  These articles are lengthier than normal posts will be and lay out a detailed framework upon which my political/policy views are built.

The only rules for commenting are to back up your facts, respond to challenges to your arguments, and to be respectful.  All are welcome to comment and debate issues.

I welcome your feedback about the issues, my arguments, and the Blog itself.  Eventually I hope to make this blog a go-to place for interested persons to learn about, debate, contribute, discuss important policy issues, and get a solid dose of my secular center-left enviro-capitalist world view.  Thanks for reading!


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